To look at us living our day to day lives do you see our bodies becoming more limp and lifeless everyday. The way we walk, talk and even think is a reflection of our mental, physical and spiritual health.

We must remember that the state we are in as individuals is a result of all that we consume.


As we know diet is fundamental to the lifestyle we lead, and even our traditional African diet saw a very small amount of meat in the diet. Food came from the earth but now our diet has changed over the years as we have become accustomed to the English lifestyle. White starches, sugars and processed foods we have taken over the many years are now beginning to show.

In most cases it is the mother who feeds the family. The foods she places on the table should reflect her understanding of healthy eating and what it means for the family. Raw food specialist Derin Bepo stresses all sweet drinks and breakfast cereals as well as processed foods are negative on a child’s health, and encourages women to ask questions about the food they give their child.

Download the interview –
Derin Bepo on Our Foods by Derin Bepo


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To train is essential for our wellbeing. The body is a temple which must be worked if it is to remain supple, rejuvenated and powerful.

Our history of training is vast and at all times strenuous. From Kemetian arts to Nubian wrestling and capoeira training has always been a fundamental part of life.

Beni Hasan - Egypt

Exercise works all of our bodily systems and organs ensuring they are kept in prime condition and working in harmony. Physical fitness is increased and overall wellbeing can be attained. Training will exercise your cardiovascular system which is essential for our breathe which feeds the body oxygen through our blood.

Apathy is the real disease and without training you increase your chances of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. These are the very same diseases which we see in our family members all too often!

To train regularly is what’s needed to fight diseases which are devastating our community, and when we stop training the signs are clear and the body never lies.



It is sad when ones only ideal of Black people engaging in Martial arts are through a Wu Tang video or Afro Samurai. NO culture, creed or race has a monopoly over martial arts despite what your TV says, because martial arts is merely a reflection of life. People who place a sense of culture on martial arts know that their culture is them and without they are nonexistent.
Mashufaa being a conduit for our community to grow is practiced through our cultural glasses so we can see and self determine our futures.
No matter what religion, tribe or gang you affiliate with Mashufaa’s doors welcome all black people to put their minuscule differences to one side and challenge ourselves to better ourselves. In practicing Mashufaa one is striving for unison with ones breathe which some call ba, ka, chi, life force, energy or spirit. It permits one to be in unison mentally, physically and spiritually.
Mashufaa in essence challenges you to challenge your worst enemy; yourself.

Read this article in full. Download 'Mashufaa'

Mashufaa Training:
Mon / Wed / Fri - 7.00-9.30pm North London
Thurs - 7.00-9.00pm South London


Chi Gong

Chi Gong (Qigong / 'Energy Work') is an art which uses energy (Chi) in ways and means that can heal and relieve a variety of aliments and provide strength to your body.

Chi means 'life force' or 'life energy'. Chi Gong is an art form made of a series of body movements and breathing exercise to calm you; and has been successfully used to reduce stress, improve the immune system and, improve a persons balance
and posture.

Chi Gong is effective as it works from the inside outward and focuses on the gentle physical movement as well as breathing to connect the mind, body and spirit.

Download 'Kofi Speaks' the interview with Kofi of Kofi Arts, who speaks on his concerns for our health and provides solutions for us to heed.

Contact Kofi of Kofi Arts a teacher in Chi Gong, general health and exercise:
M: 07961 422 061


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Yoga is comprised of many stretching movements and postures to create and improve balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. Each posture provides great physical benefits. The practice of yoga has been crucial to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the body.

The history of yoga is vague with much of it being attributed to ancient Indian civilizations however, there is much evidence illustrating the practice of yoga in ancient Egypt from the 5th Dynasty and beyond.

Afrikan Yoga is an art formed to create well being in the body and the stimulation of energy to prevent and cure illness. No other form of exercise has such a remarkable effect on the body's own natural healing powers. Afrikan Yoga is used to improve the circulation of blood and lymph, massaging internal organs. Improving the function of the glands, such as the pancreas, ovaries, thyroid, testicles, pituitary and adrenals. Many diseases are caused by poor circulation so Afrikan Yoga is a valuable therapeutic tool.

“Afrikan Yoga's essence is inner harmony, peace and calm designed to develop flexibility, suppleness, psycho spiritual awareness and controlled relaxation of the mind and body.” - Pablo

Download Pablo- Afrikan Yoga for more information on Pablo's thoughts of how Afrikan Yoga can be used to improve the health of the community.

Classes are held by Pablo Menfesawe-Imani, across London, throughout the week. For further details call 07816 000 943.
Or, visit the website:



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